Seminario Internacional Termosust Network for the Strengthen of Chile-Belgium Collaboration in the Framework of Sustainable Thermochemical Valorization of Residues

9:30 Welcome words.

Dr. Ricardo Barra (Dean of Environmental Sciences Faculty-University of Concepción).


9:45 ThermoSust network Project: Midterm results.

Dra. Yannay Casas Ledón (Department of Environmental Engineering -University of Concepción).


10:15 Thermochemical conversion of Biomass group at UGhent: Research Projects. Frederik Ronsse (Ghent University, Belgium).


10: 45 Catalysis for renewable chemicals and energy: CarboCat.

Dr. Alejandro Karelovic (Department of Chemical Engineering- University of Concepción).


11:20 Coffee Break
11:45 Advanced tools for measuring sustainability: ENVOC group.

MSc. María Fernanda Godoy (Ghent University, Belgium).


12:20 Nanomaterials and catalysis for sustainable processes: NanoCatpPS.

Dr. Serguey Alejandro/Luis Arteaga (Department of Wood Engineering-University of Bío-Bío).


12:45 Closing words.

Dr. Luis Arteaga (University of Bío-Bío).


13:00 Cocktail